Introduction to the group

Al-Ashwal Group is a commercial and industrial one of the most important and prominent trade groups that contribute in a strong and effective way to advance the local development and support the national economy, so as to enhance the permanent partnership between the state and the national commercial and industrial sectors.

The group actively contributes to covering the local market with what it needs in many service areas that affect the public interest through government institutions or to meet the needs of the local consumer in the sectors in which the group operates And because the group believes in the sub specialty that is conducive to providing a distinguished service and a competitive product, it has divided its commercial activities into several sectors that complement each other to form a strong tributary of the national economy.

Sheikh / Ali Saleh Al-Ashwal


Muhammad Al-Ashwal

Commercial Sector
Al-ashwal for Electric Trade and Agencies Established in 1979 AD as one of the leading importers and distributors of electrical products including: electrical accessories, transmission lines, switches, power cables, communication cables, power distributors, and generators 30 people work in this sector and fifty percent of the tenders that the company works for are governmental The main activity of the commercial sector is the import and sale of all high and low pressure electrical materials and household electrical accessories

01. Medium Voltage Supplies

Medium voltage is a term used by the electrical power distribution industry.

02. Tendering

Al-ashwal for Electric Trade and Agencies is one of the sectors of Al-ashwal Trading and Industry Group that works in trading field.It also works in general trading and engaged in projects bidding, local and international direct and indirect in multiple areas, and works with government and private agencies have carried out many projects and represent many international companies.

03. Low Voltage Supplies

At LowVoltage Supply, our focus is to provide products that accommodate to the low voltage supply of all Residential, Commercial, and Self-Storage Industries. We know you will be pleased with our product.

Industry Sector

Al-Ashwal For Industry

In 1995 the group decided to establish al-ashwal for industry in sana’a for marketing fluorescent fitting, wheel barrows ,metal moulding  ,panel and making household requirements  and other electrical products.

Now we launched anew section for making plastic production.150 persons working in this section .in 1997 we have established a section for distribution boards and road steel lighting, 30 person working in this section.

Recently we have established a factory for interlocking paving stones is start working since 2004.

Projects Sector
In 1979, the group was established al-ashwal for contracting Co. for the supply and Implementation of electrification projects ,power plants, generating set and substation such as transmission line for 11KV and 33KV up to 154KV and substation installation and street lighting in whole Yemen, beside that we have established a section for road pavement as we have our own equipments and vehicles and we have had already done many roads in sana’a city other cities .A round 300 persons working in this company.
1. Medium & Low Voltage Projects
2. Street Lightening Projects
3. Roads Paving & asphalting Projects

Our group represents more than 25 international companies as a sole agent and distributor such as:

• Siemens LLC. Germany (L.V products)
• LG industry systems .Korea (LV products)
• Osram Co. For lighting – Germany
• Lucy switchgear Co. U.K
• Daewon cable Co. Ltd. Korea
• Nynas Co. For Transforms oli – Sweden

• Impragnierwerk wulknitz Gmbh . Germany (Wooden poles)
• Amplyvox S.P.A. Italy
• Toplink Technologies . Malaysia
• INDKOM engineering . Malaysia
• Dong Bang elcctric industrial Co.Ltd ,Korea
• Merkur Ueberseehandel GmbH . Germany

• Hyundai Heavy industries .korea
• Ta Chuan Technical Co. China
• Sassin international Electric Co. china
• Fuzhou Richie Electric Company Limited .China
• Bonle (Fuzhou) International Co. Ltd China

Agencies & Vendors


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